Wrangell St. Elias National Park


These trips starts in the historical town of McCarthy. A once booming mining town that sprung up after the discovery of copper, it has become jumping off point for deep wilderness exploration and an attraction all in its own right. The Wrangell’s are a marvel of geology and glaciology. They have attracted scientists, earth lovers, explorers, and climbers alike for decades and the trips below provide a great sample of an impossibly large park (larger than Switzerland).

Larger than Switzerland and 35% covered by glaciers Wrangell St. Elias NP is the ideal setting to get intimate with the icy beasts. As the climate warms changes to the ice are rapid and we have witnessed colossal changes during our treks.


North Wrangells
Wrangell St. Elias NP
7 days

On the rarely visited north side of the National Park you will be greeted with the wide expanse of rolling tundra hills, an endless sky punctuated with the glaciated University Range Mountains, and ample opportunity for wildlife viewing. Another major perk of this trek is the distance from McCarthy - 45 min of flight time is an unforgettable commute.


Goat Trail
Wrangell St. Elias NP
7 days

This is not for the faint of heart. If the steeps and the rocky make you squeemish, move along. Tap into your inner goat on this trek and follow in their footsteps over some dramatic cliffs and traverse over areas that from afar look impassable.


Seven Pass Route
Wrangell St. Elias NP
8 days

This classic route showcases the best of the Wrangells. Let the glaciers dwarf you, the bushwhacking test you, the boulders amaze you, and the vastness overwhelm you. This is a strenuous trip and the payoff is great.


Donoho Explorers Route
Wrangell St. Elias NP
5 days

Glaciers, lush vegetated islands, ice falls, waterfalls, bears, the works. This trip can be done as a loop, or we can tailor it to suit you. Endless opportunity to trek over the glaciers and marvel at the wild shapes created as the ice melts. This can be turned into a fly-in trip as well.

Skolai Pass
Wrangell St. Elias NP
5 days

Fly into an incomprehensibly wide glacially carved valley and take it the grand landscape. Landmarks such as the Seven Sisters, Castle Mountain, and Chitistone Pass punctuate the trek.

Guides Creation
Wherever your heart desires
? Days

Wild ideas? Large group? Specific goals? Let’s work together and create your dream trip. Basecamp trips to grueling backpacking trip, unknown of the unknowns to photography workshops. Let us know what you’re dreaming up and help turn it into a reality.