Bush Flying &

The Alaska Factor

Reaching the Remote


The immensity of the state, unpredictable weather, demanding conditions, distance between towns, the great wide expanse culminate in what is commonly referred to as “The Alaska Factor.”

The majority of BA trips access the backcountry via bush plane. These planes are beautiful, thrilling, tiny, and loud. Bush planes are the tangible result of a limited road system. With less than one-tenth of the state accessible by road, bush planes are a necessity for transportation. Alaska’s unparalleled use of bush planes speaks to the remote, untouched, and historically inaccessible corners of the territory that we aim to experience, if only briefly.

Bush plane access is synonymous with flexibility because pilots typically operate on visual flight rules. This means very simply, if we can’t see, we don’t fly. Weather changes rapidly and while we are prepared to withstand the storm from the ground we cannot guarantee a particular departure time, or even day, from the field.

With this in mind, we strongly suggest purchasing trip insurance for your flights to and from Alaska. We are, unfortunately, unable to control the weather and suggest you plan your trip accordingly.

If you have any questions about small planes, if it makes you nervous, if you love flying so much you want to add more to your expedition, or if you just want to talk to a human to get a better idea of how it all works give us a shout.