Food for backcountry adventures.

After spending hundreds of days in the backcountry we can’t stomach one more commercially produced freeze dried meal. So we spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen reformulating and reimagining what’s possible in the wild. Partnering with local chefs, bakeries, and food suppliers we’ve cooked up something special for our trips.

Long days carrying heavy loads require high quality fuel to keep you going. Our focus is your health, that means we strive to pack all the nutrients possible into our meals. Often hundreds of miles away from the nearest kitchen or grocery store cooking for a group in the backcountry provides a unique set of challenges to work through.

Our kitchen is constructed daily with a yellow tarp strung up with trekking poles. Our range consists of two backpacking stoves that may or may not sound like a jet taking off. Our pantry is composed of bear canisters (which also make great seats). But, don’t let the appearance fool you, we consistently find ourselves eating better in the field than we do at home.

Backpack Alaska trips typically consist of a hearty breakfast, snacking throughout the day, and a dinner powerful enough to keep you warm through the night. We aim for 3,000+ calories daily - if you have dietary restrictions please contact us directly.

Our Focus…

  • Able to work with dietary restrictions and allergies

  • All food from the day of departure until the plane touches back down is included

  • May possibly be the highlight of the trip….

  • Original recipes

  • Locally sourced ingredients when possible

  • Strong focus on organic

  • Dietary restriction friendly