Our Destination: The Talkeetna Mountains

The Talkeetna Mountains are composed of jagged peaks, talus fields, glaciers, sweeping valleys, and turquoise lakes. Roughly bound by the Matanuska and Susitna River valleys these mountains are often overshadowed by their famous neighbor, Denali, which draws the crowds. This only helps to preserve the feeling of raw, undisturbed wilderness in the Talkeetnas. You will be greeted with wildflowers, low tundra, rolling hills, exquisite vistas, and most importantly, wilderness. Not only do us humans find the Talkeetnas perfect for walking, so do the animals.

Our entrance point to the Talkeetnas is only a couple hours from Anchorage, instead of a days drive away. This allows us to spend our precious time in the wild rather than in transit.

The craggy peaks and turquoise water converge to make a fantastic playground - one that moose, caribou, sheep, black and brown bears, fox, hare, marmots and lynx, and hordes of birds all romp around in. 


“I don’t have any experience backpacking, can I join a Backpack Alaska trip?”
Well, this trip has been designed specifically for you.

This trip is ideally for people that have some experience camping, have used much of their gear before but maybe haven’t done any multi-day backcountry excursions. We believe everyone should have access to incredible outdoor experiences. With that in mind we crafted an accessible trip for people with an adventurous spirit that don’t have a decades deep relationship with the backcountry. We’re here to guide your trip and create a space for learning and trying new things. Hopefully after an expedition with BA you’ll be planning your own trips and leading your friends through the mountains or rivers or meadows of your own backyard.

We want to help you get to places that seemed inaccessible before - help you hone your skills for traveling in the outdoors and build a community to support your future pursuits.

What to Expect

This is a Level 2 trip. Strength and fitness are necessary to enjoy a trip at this level.

The terrain is uneven, may require crampons at times, rocky, and without trails. You should be prepared to carry a pack weighing 30+ lbs for up to 6 hours per day.

6 days $2,200
*includes backcountry flight, professional guide, tents, all ‘kitchen'‘ equipment, meals in the backcountry and one night hotel accommodation
(does not include transportation to/from Talkeetna)

Available Dates, 2020

June 22 - June 27
July 6 - July 11
August 2 - August 7


Beginners Backpacking Expedition: Itinerary

Day 0: Your guide will meet with you before departure to double check your gear, go over the itinerary, and answer any lingering questions you may have regarding the trip.

Day 1: We will meet in Talkeetna, located about a two hour drive from Anchorage. After checking in with out pilot and going over logistics we will pack ourselves, and our gear, into a small bush plane and prepare for departure. Our Alaskan adventure begins the moment we lift off and head into the wilderness.
*lunch and dinner included

Day 2-4: We will work our way over mountain passes, scree slopes, play in alpine lakes, and enjoy the silence.
*all meals included

Day 5: After coffee and breakfast we will prepare for departure and soak up the last bit of wilderness. All too soon the drone of the airplane engine will prep us to re-enter the life we left and we will fly back to Talkeetna to celebrate our adventure.
*breakfast and accommodations included

Day 6: Today you can choose to spend time exploring the historic town of Talkeetna or move on to your next adventure.

*As with all BA trips we strive to stick to our itinerary as best as possible but ask our clients to remain open to the possibility of change. The state is large, the weather is unpredictable, and the regions we endeavor to reach are remote. With that in mind please read the above itinerary as a rough outline of what to expect but be prepared for the unknown. More on this under Bush Flying 101.


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